Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In 1997 The Kilimanjaro Band released their second album Maua. With the female voice of Nyota Waziri now adding to the flavor to the album, the album went on selling well despite of rampant piracy that is affecting the music in Tanzania. Between then and 1999, the Band spent sometime performing in Tanzania, Muscat and half a year in Bahrain, performing in different hotels to a wide variety of audience.

In September 2000, the Band released the album ‘Kinyau nyau’. The album with seven songs has been very well received. One of the songs ‘Ujumbe’ talks about prevention of AIDS. The songs are a mixture of pieces of art with influences from different ethnic groups in Tanzania, including Ndembele a lullaby from the WaNyamwezi of Tabora, Boko a traditional song of the Wadigo from Tanga, a Kiswahili salsa song, and other songs with strong influence from music from the Tanzanian coast.

The Band is well known for its Mduara (The circle) dancing style. A dancing format very common to most ethnic groups in Tanzania and most of Africa.

The second part of 2004 has been mostly studio work and a UK tour. Between April and August 2004 the Band has been recording its latest album GERE. The work began in the studios owned by the Band in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania and the mixing was done in Odessa Studios in London. The Band also held a number of well-attended concerts in UK in July and August. GERE was launched in Dar Es Salaam in October 2004.Pics of the Band in studio in Dar es Salaam and in London

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